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Home cooked Vegetarian
for food lovers ~ Delivered to you!

Welcome and thank you for considering us to make your next meal!  

My name is Marlys.  I am a mother of 2 young beautiful children and wife to a South African Captain. I feel so blessed to live here on beautiful Kauai raising my family.  We came over from Oahu, where we own two vegetarian cafes. The time has come to share my cooking with the people on Kauai!   I have been cooking vegetarian/vegan food for over 12 years now and wow how far the cuisine has come!  In my kitchen, we only use fresh vegetables and herbs, which is the key to delicious meals.  My goal is to deliver to you a full, beautiful meal, each week ... to give you a break from cooking and give you a chance to eat the rainbow!  I'm excited for this new venture and cooking for you and yours!  

With Love,  Marlys

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